About Us

AccidentMeds was developed by Key Health, the nationwide leader in providing healthcare providers with a financial solution for personal injury accounts.

Since 1997, Key Health has worked with thousands of medical providers, allowing them to turn attorney lien accounts into predictable payment. Through these transactions, attorneys have appreciated how our role as the providers’ financial solution serves to allow their injured clients access to quality medical providers and services. 

In 2011, Key Health partnered with a pharmacy organization to develop AccidentMeds, a revolutionary program designed for patient convenience and attorney control. The program is administered by our pharmacy partner, ReCept Pharmacy, from whom Key Health purchases the pharmacy receivables.

Key Health purchases medical receivables for a wide variety of medical services including radiology, surgery, hospital, pain management, physical therapy, and more.

Learn more at www.keyhealth.net

In 2018, Key Health was named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies