Providers FAQs

  • How does the card work? – You submit your patient by emailing or faxing us a completed enrollment form and signed lien and waiver. We activate their card within 2 hours and then contact them to send them their AccidentMeds Card that can be used as payment for any generic, personal injury related prescriptions at any major pharmacy.  There is no cost until the time of settlement.
  • How do clients get a copy of the pharmacy card? – Once we’ve received the enrollment form and signed documents, our office will contact your client to email them a copy and also send a hard copy in the mail to your client’s address.
  • How long does it take for a card to be activated? – Once we have received your complete submission, the card is activated within 24 hours (typically the card is active within 1-2 hours)  Note: We activate cards M-F 8:00-5:00 If you submit a patient Friday afternoon, that card may not be active until Monday morning.
  • How does my patient know if the card is active? They can check card status on the portal at
  • What if the patient exceeds the limit on the card? – There is a preset limit. If your patient has exceeded that limit, we will contact their attorney to request an increase. 
  • How do you regulate the use of the card, so that the patient can’t fill prescriptions unrelated to the case? There is a preset formulary that includes generic pain and psych medications.  If they try to fill prescriptions unrelated to the case, they will not be approved by the pharmacy.
  • Do you have a list of prices for the medications? – We do not provide any list because the price changes frequently due to many different factors such as fill date, NDC, drug manufacturer, pharmacy, and quantity.
  • Why should we use you over another pharmacy? Our enrollment process is much easier for your staff and less time consuming than our competitors.  Our card is accepted at over 65,000 pharmacies, so your patients will always find a convienent location to get their medications.  Our program also offers a much faster way to get your patient’s their prescriptions than any mail order pharmacy.

MY PATIENT’S CARD ISN’T WORKING!  What should I do? – Please contact us at (888) 795-4367 option 4.  There is a preset limit and an expiration date on your patient’s card.  If they have exceeded that limit or expiration date, we will need to contact their attorney to request an increase or extention.