Patients FAQs

  • How does the card work? – Your personal injury attorney or medical provider has to submit your information to us to enroll you in AccidentMeds. Once you have been enrolled, your card is active within 24 hours.  We will contact you to send you your AccidentMeds Card that can be used as payment for any generic, personal injury related prescriptions at any major pharmacy.  There is no cost until your case settles.
  • How do get my pharmacy card? – Once you’ve been enrolled by your attorney or doctor, our office will contact you to email you a copy of your card and we will also send a hard copy to your mailing address.
  • How long does it take for a card to be activated? – Once we have received your complete submission, the card is activated within 24 hours (typically the card is active within 1-2 hours)  Note: We activate cards M-F 8:00-5:00 If you were submitted to us on a Friday afternoon, your card may not be active until Monday morning.
  • How do I verify that the card is active? you can check card status at
  • MY CARD ISN’T WORKING! What should I do? – If you are at the pharmacy, please have the pharmacist contact our pharmacist only help line at (888) 795-4367 Option 3…  Otherwise, please contact us at (888) 795-4367 option 2